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Meals Under 20 Minutes

Meals under 20 Minutes

by Joyce Haddad - 28 June 2016
Worried you’re not meeting your 5 serves of veggies each day? 2 delicious lunch and dinner recipes that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes. Dietitian approved
International Health Regulations and Yellow Fever Vaccinations

IHR & Yellow Fever Vaccinations

by Dr Bob Kass - 24 May 2016
A number of African countries are reporting outbreaks of Yellow Fever. These include the Government of Angola who has notified WHO of more than 2000 cases, including 277 deaths.
Zika Virus Disease

Zika Virus Infection

by Dr Bob Kass - 25 January 2016
I am travelling to Brazil and Central America. Is the Zika virus outbreak relevant to me? Should I take any special precautions?
Bali Travel Health Advice

Bali Travel Health Advice

by Dr Bob Kass - 22 January 2016
So you are off to Bali? Are there any health concerns and do I need to see a doctor prior to travelling?
How to Avoid Insect Bites on Holiday

How to Avoid Insect Bites on Holiday

09 September 2015
Avoiding insect bites in one of the most important measures travellers can take while away.
10-Step Pre-Travel Checklist

10-Step Pre-Travel Checklist

07 August 2015
Staying healthy while away from home is vital to making your trip happy and enjoyable. At Globe Medical, we strong advise our patients to observe the following pre-travel checklist to minimise their risks while away.
A Travel Doctor's Guide to Preventing Jet Lag

A Travel Doctor's Guide to Preventing Jet Lag

by Dr Bob Kass and Dr Maggie Phillips - 23 June 2015
Want to get your holiday or work trip off to a flying start? Globe Medical’s travel medicine experts provide you with tips and advice that will help minimise the effects of jet lag.
Ebola In West Africa: March 2015 Update

Ebola in West Africa: March 2015 Update

by Dr Bob Kass - 13 March 2015
It is now over 14 months since the Ebola outbreak first started in West Africa and much has changed since we wrote our first article in August 2014. Case numbers have risen from a few hundred to many thousands. Almost 10,000 people have now died according to official statistics but many more in reality.
Ebola - Australian Travellers to West Africa

Ebola - Australian Travellers to West Africa

01 August 2014
I'm about to go to West Africa. Should I be worried about Ebola?