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Using your OSHC to access the Australian healthcare system

August 15, 2014

What is OSHC?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC) is a type of health insurance that ensures all international students and their dependents have access to affordable healthcare and medical treatment while in Australia. OSHC is a Student Visa requirement for international students* coming to study in Australia. Every international student must maintain OSHC while living and studying in Australia. If you decide to extend the length of your Student Visa you must also renew your OSHC, or risk having your Visa cancelled. 

If you are sick or need medical assistance while in Australia, you can choose any general practitioner (GP) or if it’s an emergency then you can go to your closest hospital.

*Students from Norway, Belgium and selected Swedish students do not need to purchase OSHC for their visa requirements.

What is covered by OSHC?

OSHC includes visits to the doctor (General Practice), prescription medications, hospital treatment and ambulance cover:

  • Visits to a General Practice (GP)

  • Limited Prescription medicines

  • Limited in hospital medical treatment

  • Emergency ambulance assistance

OSHC insurance providers offer a range of different OSHC products for international students. Be aware that some products may only be available if you study at selected universities. Read your OSHC conditions carefully.

How to purchase OSHC?

There are 2 ways to obtain your OSHC:
1. At the following Australian insurance providers:

  • Medibank

  • BUPA

  • Allianz Global Assistance

  • NIB

  • Australian Health Management Group (AHM)

2. Though your university who arranges OSHC on your behalf for the length of your course.

How to claim your OSHC rebate at the doctor?

At your doctors appointment a portion or the full fee will be covered by OSHC. Direct Billing means that the bill will be sent directly to your OSHC and you will not have to submit a claim. Some General Practice clinics and medical centres will request full payment from you at the time of your appointment. If this happens, you will need to keep the receipt and submit it to your OSHC insurance provider to claim back the rebate.

OSHC at Globe Medical

Globe Medical has direct billing relationships with all major OSHC providers and we are able to claim back your rebate at the time of your appointment. As a result, you will only be asked to pay the co-payment ("gap") amount which will never be more than $15, for any length of consultation. For more information about Globe Medical's services, fees, and common FAQs visit the Student Health Clinical Centre of our website.

Our tips

  • Bring photo ID to your appointment. Students with NIB OSHC will need to bring their student ID to their appointment

  • Make sure you always carry your valid OSHC card with you at all times

  • At the time of making an appointment, ask whether the medical practice direct bills to OSHC