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The Evolution of the Travel Medicine Industry

December 11, 2014

The Travel Medicine Industry

In this interview, expert travel doctor and Globe Medical Director, Dr Bob Kass discusses the evolution of the travel medicine industry, from its beginnings in the 1980's to the present day.

Topics discussed:

0.00 - When was 'travel medicine' first known as an industry

0.55 - The frustrations with travel vaccines in the early days

2.24 - Why travel medicine is a lot easier in 2014 & why it's now attractive for people to work in travel medicine

3.26 - The struggle that occurred in developing the travel medicine industry in Australia

4.04 - Why Phil Hoffmann from Phil Hoffmann Travel played an important role in developing the concept

4.22 - The relationship between travel medicine and the travel industry

4.54 - How the travel health industry has involved alongside the internet and technology

5.13 - What is real risk Vs perceived risk

6.20 - Bob's greatest concern about new media