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Globe Medical donates 60kg of medical supplies to Tonga

October 15, 2015

Globe Medical looks after volunteers undertaking short and long-term assignments throughout the Pacific region. Through this, our Doctor's forge close relationships with their medical counterparts working at outpatient clinics such as the Universal Clinic, Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga.

Last week Globe Medical was proud to personally deliver and donate 60kg of medical supplies to the Universal Clinic; a  small outpatient clinic offering low-cost healthcare to the local community. It is a solo-GP practice and currently has close to 4000 clients, approximately 95% of whom are local Tongan citizens. The clinic has been operational for the past five years and is very busy treating people with all types of health problems, both acute and chronic. The population of Vava'u is about 20,000, many of whom live on outer islands. They suffer from a number of health problems resulting from basic and often overcrowded living conditions and lack of knowledge surrounding lifestyle choices.   

Universal Clinic in Tonga

Due to the often prohibitive cost of buying new medical supplies, clinic consumables are generally sourced overseas as expired or donated stock, and shipped or carried back to Tonga. Donated stock is provided to local patients free of charge. Dressing materials in particular are always very valuable, as ulcers are common due to the tropical climate and high prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes and vascular disease. 

A big thanks to all our supplier partners, who contributed so very generously towards our joint effort. It was a pleasure visiting the Kingdom of Tonga and we hope to be back.