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  • General Practice
    At Globe Medical we provide a comprehensive service in General Practice. Our award winning medical centre has over fifteen highly experienced male and female GP Doctors who possess a diverse range of medical capabilities.
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  • Student Health
    We cater to the health care needs of students. Our expert team of male and female doctors is here to help you, all year round. So whether you are an international student or a local, we are here to provide you with the support you need.
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  • Travel Medicine
    Our doctors who specialise in travel medicine consider all the issues specific to you and your trip. This means preparing you before you leave, and being here to help when you return.
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  • Corporate Health
    We are here to be your business' long-term health care partner, by providing a comprehensive and personalised solution that meets the requirements of your local offices and their respective employees.
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Latest from Our Blog

COVID-19 Update
23 December 2020

Our doctors are delivering consults predominantly via telephone or video telehealth. A large proportion of routine medical care can safely be performed over telehealth.

Looking after Mental Health during COVID
04 September 2020

Fear, worry and anxiety are understandable and perfectly normal responses to the ever-changing landscape and barrage of media coverage.

Don't Miss Vital Visits to your GP
22 June 2020

Routine check-ups and screenings have been one of the big losers of COVID-19 with many Australians avoiding a trip to the GP during the pandemic.

Face Masks & COVID-19 Advice
by Mika Hiroi | BMedSc, GradDipBiotech | Programme Care Ltd & Dr Bob Kass | Public Health Physician - 25 March 2020

Why are some authorities in Asia strongly recommending the use of masks while in America and most other Western countries we are being told they are of limited benefit?